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Tom Indkøbskurv


Forsiden / Lyd / Mikrofoner / Instrument
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BEYERDYNAMIC TG D35d mikrofon tom/snare inkl. MKV87 clamp
Varenr.: 708.429
Dynamic Drum Microphone (Supercardioid) Professional microphone for miking drums, percussion and other instruments Tuned frequency response predestined for toms and snare Compact and robust plastic housing ensures an easy and secure positioning Supercardioid polar pattern allows a high channel separation
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BEYERDYNAMIC TG I53c cond. mikrofon
Varenr.: 707.155
TG I53 - Condenser Instrument Microphone (Cardioid)
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BEYERDYNAMIC TG D58c cond. mikrofon, tromme
Varenr.: 707.023
Condenser drum microphone (cardioid) Clip microphone for toms, snare drums and percussions Low space needs and easy installation Optimal placement thanks to a swivel gooseneck Microphone clip with an integrated pre-amplifier Made in Germany
BEYERDYNAMIC TG D57C cond. mikrofon,. tromme
Varenr.: 707.015
TG D57 - Condenser Drum Microphone (Cardioid)
BEYERDYNAMIC TG D71c boundary mic for stortromme etc.
Varenr.: 708.992
TG D71 - Condenser Drum Microphone (Half-Cardioid)
BEYERDYNAMIC TG D70 MK II Dynamic large diaphragm microphone (hyper cardioid)
Varenr.: 717.908
Dynamic Kickdrum Microphone (Hypercardioid) Naturally warm sound Optimal isolation and feedback resistance Optimised M88 capsule Integrated elastic system suspension High-quality materials and robust housing
Viser 1-10 af 10 produkter