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BARCO "MD-4121 42"" O.R Display"

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BARCO "MD-4121 42"" O.R Display" (B5610131)

BARCO "MD-4121 42"" O.R Display"

  • Type Medicinsk udstyr


42-inch High Definition surgical display

The HD-42 is a 42-inch High Definition flat display for use in the digital operating room. The versatile display can visualize a wide range of sources, including endoscopic video, room and boom camera video, patient and surgery information, radiology and pathology images, with ultimate detail.

Smooth, artifact-free video images
Thanks to its HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and extremely fast response time, the HD-42 reproduces moving surgery images smoothly, accurately and without artifacts.

Wide viewing angle
For optimal viewing comfort under varying light conditions, the display's ambient light sensor can be configured to switch the backlights to a lower level when the ambient light has dropped below a user-defined threshold. The wide viewing angle of 176° ensures that detailed information is visible for everyone in the surgery room.

User-definable screen layout
The HD-42 is capable of displaying two images - in any mix of data and video - next to each other or as Picture-In-Picture to provide surgery personnel with a dynamic presentation. Size and position of the Picture-In-Picture are easy to configure.

  • Perfect readability in bright surgical environments
  • Crisp image and video representations
  • HD endoscopy ready
  • Fanless design for minimum risk of contamination and low noise
  • Non-reflective protective front cover
  • Frame lock technology for smooth, artifact-free images
  • VESA mounting structure for easy installation
  • Remote control for central access

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